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We know that as women we are bombarded with tasks and to-dos competing for our time and attention. So naturally when we are juggling our roles as mothers, wives, business owners, ministry leaders or just women trying to manage a home and career, strengthening our relationship with Christ can fall to the wayside.  However, this is the most detrimental thing that can happen as you are living out your faith in this chaotic culture. It is vital to be in tune with God if we are going to learn to thrive and not just survive.

We endeavor to make growing in your faith fun and full of great experiences with Godly women. We do this by providing a regular stream of podcasts, blogs, and online studies that are relevant to our current culture but chock full of God’s word and principles for Godly living. Additionally, we host as well as attend fun local events to help us form strong bonds of sisterhood and friendship. It is our desire that as we grow in our faith that we also enlarge our tents so as to invite other women along the journey to grow alongside us.

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Meet the Founder


A native daughter of Riviera Beach, Florida, and the youngest of my mother’s five children. Married for 17 years to my Super Man, Jamie. Mother to three amazing world-changers and most recently… ‘GiGi’ (Grandma just sounds too ancient) to a beautiful baby girl Alani and a boy Karter.


God has been at work behind the scenes writing the pages of my life. Every pit I climbed out of, mountain I crossed over, and valley I tread through cultivated the gifts in me and equipped me with the tools needed to lead others out. Other women just like me…

…women with more highlights in their hair than bibles

…women who wrote their life stories with tattoo guns

…women who have been disappointed and have disappointed time and time again

…women caught in the tension of religion and relationship

…yet women who are determined to become HER. The unapologetic, fierce, purpose-driven, spirit-led woman that God designed her to be.


Today my life is committed to reaching modern women with the message of God’s love and grace. I live out this mission through Faith & Flyness where we teach through example, minister through testimony, and grow through replication.

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