And… Peter

*But go, tell his disciples and Peter…”

There is a very impactful small nugget in Mark 16 that has a profound point I’d like to share as we embark on this New Year.  Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Jesus approached the tomb of Jesus to anoint his body. When they get there they notice the stone has been rolled away and see a young man who says to them “Don’t be afraid. You are looking for Jesus. He is risen. Now go and tell the disciples AND Peter.” 

Yes Peter is a disciple but we do remember that Peter had just acted like he didn’t know who Jesus was and abandoned Him in his darkest hour. I am assuming that the young man made this distinction because after that move Peter had to feel that Jesus had written him off. 

Have you done anything in the past few years that you feel may have disappointed God? Maybe you abandoned his plans for your life for your own vision of success;  maybe you denied Him through your lifestyle, or maybe you even flat out walked away from an opportunity to be used by Him. Well, there is a beautiful truth contained in this scripture. It is a small one too… “AND”. Yep just that quickly, with three little letters,  Peter was reminded that he still has a place in God’s plan for the future of the Gospel.  His sin didn’t disqualify him… and neither did yours. 

If you have been allowing the enemy to make you feel that you have forfeited God’s plan for your life, STOP! Stop. Right. Here. Today! Use this last month of 2019 to forgive yourself for your mistakes and even your deliberate missteps of 2019. And like our dear girl Aaliyah said “Dust yourself and try again.” 

I felt that God wanted me to share this word with you today. Now do me a favor. Think of the thing that you believe God has purposed for your life… “entrepreneurship, teaching, filmmaking, storytelling, coaching, etc” Now think of the leaders of that pack that you feel have left you in the dust due to your falling out of place. Say out loud to yourself a few of their names and then say “AND (your first name)”. Remember that there is still room for you, your unique gift and God’s purpose for you in His plan… in spite of how you may have failed Him in the past. Let 2018 be the year you not only get up but you take off!

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