Fabulosity: The Prologue

Fabulosity is our annual one-day soiree where we gather modern women of faith together for a day of faith-building, fun, and fierceness! Since so many of you onboarded within the past year and due to the pandemic have never had an opportunity to be a part of our gatherings, we decided to offer a "preview" this year. Hence, this virtual…


The Friday Night Wine Down

Faith & Flyness 523 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach

Join Charisma Adams and Ladi Goldwire as they lead a discussion on the popular book "All the Letters I should have Sent" that digs into words left unsaid after relationship breakups.  We will discuss the role communication plays in relationships and share some of the common themes that are difficult to express when communicating with your partner.

Art, Dine & Design – July

Faith & Flyness 523 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach

Join us for Art, Dine, and Design every month in West Palm Beach's historically hip Northwood Village. Enjoy live art demonstrations, musical performances, unique vendors, and Northwood Village's staple trendy shops, galleries, and restaurants.

Jeans & Beans Bible Study – July

Faith & Flyness 523 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach

Jeans & Beans is back in person. But don't worry, we will maintain our virtual option for our distant sisters. Meet us on Saturday morning in our flagship location at 523 Northwood Rd. or in our Facebook group for our regularly scheduled monthly meetup. Yep, we have a different method of gathering but we are delivering the same crazy faith…

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